How to recruit the right team

Recruitment is always a big issue for startups and small businesses but surrounding yourself with the right people could be the difference between success and failure. Recruiting is a time consuming and costly process. The repercussions of making a mistake can be devastating to your business. Thankfully, Innovate UK have brought some vital tips to ensure you recruit the right team.

Be honest about what you can afford

Don’t immediately commit to hiring a full-time team member. This is a big commitment and will cost a lot. Is there enough work to justify a full-time employee? Would it make more financial sense to outsource the task you require? Consider what you can afford. Freelancers are a valid option for young businesses, this allows you to:

  • Use someone with a combination of experience & expertise
  • Tap into talent without adding them to the payroll
  • Easily scale up or down to meet demand

Freelancers are easy to find online. Sites like PeoplePerHour are a great resource for finding the talent you need.

Recruit the right team - Slide with text - hire the skills you needHire the skills you need

“Make key hires that can fill skill gaps and complement existing staff to help you reach the next level.” – Zach Williams, Founder and Director of GradTouch.

So your business is growing at speed? Don’t hire quickly to fill the gaps. You need to find the right people. Cultural fit and values are vitally important. You need to ensure they’ll be a great match for your company.

Look towards your current team’s strengths and weaknesses. Where are you lacking? What is required to boost success? Consider looking at taking your company to the next stage. Is it worth bringing in someone who can offer skills you’re not currently delivering? For example, you could be a tech company that thrives in its industry but could really benefit from business development. Bringing in someone from a sales background could boost your chances of growth.

Explore all channels

“Utilising specialist websites for your industry can give quicker access to appropriate skills” – Gary Cassey, MD of Cass Productions.

So you’ve decided to take on a full-time member of staff? Now it’s time to actually find them. Recruitment agencies are an obvious choice and can be very helpful for removing the hassle from the process but they can charge hefty fees. Career sites can also be difficult for startups as they tend to target major businesses. So where can you go?

There are plenty of low-cost (or even free) job boards that specialise in specific industries. It’s also worth looking towards your network. Does anyone you work with know the perfect candidate? LinkedIn is also a helpful tool for you to bang the drum about your vacancies.

Don’t forget to advertise on your website, via email and social media too. If you’re really looking to find the right people without spending money, social recruiting could be the way to go. All platforms can help you to spread the word.

Recruit the right team - Slide with text - scrutinise the applicantsScrutinise your applicants

If you’re looking for advice on how to run a successful recruitment process, there are plenty of guides out there to help you. Before you even begin, it’s worth thinking about what type of person you’d like to see work in your company. Then, consider what type of company culture you’re portraying. Employer branding is of huge importance during this process. You should communicate your culture and values effectively. By doing so, you’ll attract candidates who can identify with it.

Look towards the advice of famous business owners to help secure the right people. Sir Richard Branson, explains the three vital traits he looks for in employees:

  • People skills
  • Risk-taking and grit – not afraid of failure but determined to succeed
  • Optimism

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