Pay Per Click Management

Utilising pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords is a great way to getting people to your site that are looking for your products and services.   The advantages are huge: you can get far quicker results that most other marketing methods – often within hours – and unlike most marketing, you can see how much it costs to attract a single visitor to your site.

However, maximising the ROI on your ad spend is much more difficult. Badly set up campaigns are often difficult to identify and can be an endless money pit and while it might look like you’re attracting lots of visitors, you could be attracting the wrong type of visitor or paying too much for the wrong keywords.

That’s why we make sure that your PPC campaigns are part of a joined up strategy – ideally based on the outputs of a UX process – ensuring the messaging, target audience and user journey is consistent throughout the whole website marketing campaign.

It’s vital to continually test and measure your campaigns – not just until the visitor lands on the website but from acquisition through to conversion so you can understand what the best performing keywords, adverts and landing pages are.  We will continually tweak each of the keyword choices, adverts and landing page layouts and content until we get the best performing PPC possible.  At that point we may promote some of the campaign to a SEO campaign which takes longer to implement but which can be more cost effective than an ongoing PPC campaign.

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