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As a WPEngine partner, we benefit from their class-leading security technology and infrastructure to protect our clients.    Their proactive threat detection technology blocks 72M attacks daily – that’s 26B attacks a year which means that any attacks on your website are stopped long before they reach your website.  In addition, their WordPress optimised firewall ensures that there is no adverse impact on the performance of your website.

Lifelong SSL certificates are provided free-of-charge with every website we build so your clients will feel comfortable whilst browsing your website and know that any data they provide via webforms will be encrypted between the browser and server.

For large organisations, WP Engine offers an enterprise-grade add-on – Global Edge Security which provides additional security features such as a Cloudflare CDN and advances DDOS mitigation.

As part of our Website Support and Management service, we update your website to the latest versions of WordPress and third party plugins at least every 2 weeks, and often more frequently.  These updates can be automated but we prefer to test them in a staging environment rather that rolling out untested code to a production environment.  This ensures you have the latest functionality and security patches, but applied in a structured and controlled manner rather than an automated hope-for-the-best way.

If the worst should happen then we take automated daily backups of your website meaning we can quickly rollback to the latest clean version of your website and get you back up and running.

Website security is critical but it should be seamless, invisible and not get in the way of day to day operations.  Our approach to website security is to give you peace of mind that it’s quietly working in the background without you having to think about it.

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