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A cutting edge technology business specialising in surface audio and haptics,  Redux works with companies in the smartphone, tablets and automotive sectors.

Redux was exhibiting at a high-profile trade show in San Francisco and had a number of requirements which needed delivering by a very tight deadline.  They wanted a new website to showcase their products and attract new investment and they also needed a user interface to be designed for an interactive demo tool they were developing. Finally they required an eye-catching exhibition stand designed. Whilst they were not actively looking to rebrand, they were open to new ideas for their branding.

Portfolio image for Redux
Portfolio  image for Redux

What We Did

The brief was to explain what Redux does, which is very complex, in a really simple way which people will quickly understand and start to realise the potential.  In the first instance we brainstormed some ideas and developed a mood board to identify some potential design concepts we could take forward.

Having presented to the client, we selected a concept to take forward and started work on the website and design materials.   We also took the opportunity to explore how the concept could be used with the company logo which resulted in the client agreeing to a full rebrand.   This new brand was used as the basis of the new website design as well as for the user interface we were developing for the interactive hand-held demo and for the exhibition stand.

The website was completed and populated in time and the client was able to edit the website and add thought leadership and news items via the content management system.  We provided the exhibition stand designs ready for printing in the USA and we also sourced some bespoke units for the front of the stand which allowed us to incorporate the demo into the furniture.  Finally, the user interface designs were completed and provided to the developers to incorporate into the demo.

The rebrand was successfully received and Redux continued to flourish.  It was successfully acquired by Google in early 2018.

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