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Search Engine Optimisation is arguably the most effective way of driving relevant, motivated visitors to your website.  So why do so many SEO campaigns start off with lots of optimism, promising much, but ultimately deliver underwhelming results which lead to difficult conversations between marketing directors and management?

One of the main issues we see with ineffective SEO campaigns is that they have been planned and executed in isolation.  The SEO agency can point to improved rankings and an increase in website traffic but conversions and bounce rate statistics tell their own story.  Essentially all they’ve succeeded in doing is delivering more of the wrong type of visitor to your website.

We believe that an effective SEO campaign should be closely tied into the UX process.  Once you fully understand your target audience, their problems, defined what messaging will resonate with them and how they should flow through the website, at that point you can start researching potential keyword and link building strategies.

Given that an SEO campaign can take up to 6 months before it has an effect, we often test and optimise campaigns using pay per click advertising before promoting them into full-blown SEO campaigns, thus saving time and money.

Finally, you need to justify your marketing spend on SEO and demonstrate that it’s having a positive ROI.  We provide clear, transparent, regular reporting for you to demonstrate to the management team how the campaign is driving revenue.

In the right hands SEO can genuinely transform businesses. We’ve been delivering successful SEO campaigns for over 20 years.  Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

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