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Combicut is a world class manufacturer of grinder plates, knives & portion plates with production facilities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, France and the USA.  Their team of designers are able to innovate & develop solutions for food production businesses which increase productivity and reduce cost.

They required a website which their clients could log into in order to purchase highly specialised equipment and also book maintenance of their current equipment.  Many of the users will not be tech-savvy so it was important that the website should be as simple as possible to use.

Portfolio image for Combicut
Portfolio  image for Combicut

What We Did

There were a number of complex elements to this project.  There were over 2000 SKUs and a huge number of variations for each product.  In addition, the pricing rules were incredibly complex depending on a number of highly specific variables so this meant for a very challenging implementation.   It was decided that a bespoke system built in ASP.NET would give us the greatest flexibility to handle the current requirements, plus any future requirements which could arise whilst keeping the costs to a minimum.

We were able to create a system which was exactly tailored to the clients requirements – something that would have been very difficult to achieve with an off-the-shelf ecommerce system.  The  end result is a very simple website for clients to use when it comes to ordering products and it is also very easy for Combicut to update the products via the admin area since everything has been customised exactly to their requirements.

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