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Oriel Square provides strategy, research and content publishing services for organisations involved in education.  They are a trusted partner to the most successful education companies in the world.

They felt their current website didn’t reflect who they were as a business and also had a number of usability issues. In addition, they found it very difficult to update and only one person in the organisation knew how to do it.

They approached mmd with a detailed brief of what they wanted from their new website.

Portfolio image for Oriel Square
Portfolio  image for Oriel Square

What We Did

Oriel Square had a good idea of what pages they wanted on the website and how they wanted them to look, so we used that as a starting point to produce a final website design that met their requirements but which would also be easy for users to navigate and interact with.

We developed the administration area using the new Gutenberg interface on WordPress which makes it easy for users to create webpages using custom designed ‘blocks’.  We created blocks for each of the design elements on the website which can be re-used by Oriel Square staff to quickly and easily create new pages which adhere to the styling and branding guidelines of the website.

Once the website had been built and ready for use, we hosted a training session with Oriel Square staff to show them how to use the website and answer any questions they had.  We created user accounts for each user and they then populated the new website with the appropriate content.

After a final check of the website, we published the website with WPEngine and we continue to provide ongoing support and updates as part of our maintenance service.



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