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When it comes down to it, your website has just two key functions: to generate interest in your organisation and to turn that interest into action. Or, to put it in web-speak – to maximise traffic and optimise conversions.

Landing pages - image of plane landing at an airportSo, when someone finds your website – whether it’s from a Google search, a paid-for advert, a social media post or an email campaign, you want them to land on the page that’s most relevant to them.

But the challenge is that most businesses offer more than one product or service, and many will target groups of customers with differing profiles, so sending them all to the same generic home page is unlikely to result in high conversion rates.

Take for example a photographer whose specialist services include photographing things as diverse as children, pets and weddings. A bride looking for a professional to capture her once-in-a-lifetime day is unlikely to dig deeper into the site if the first thing she sees is images of cats and dogs.

So how can you tailor your home page to make it appeal to all visitors – whoever they are and whatever they’re looking for?

The answer of course is that you can’t, and this is the reason why, if you’re not doing so already, you need to make landing pages part of your marketing strategy.

What is a landing page?

Essentially, a landing page is a stand-alone web page dedicated to a specific product or service – often created to support a marketing campaign. With clearly focused content and well-defined objectives, a landing page is designed for the express purpose of persuading visitors to take action.

The singular focus of a landing page means Google will identify it as the best place to send visitors; and because your visitors are only presented with information they’re interested in, they’re far more likely to take action. What’s more, while you can only have one home page, you can create as many landing pages as you like.

Why you need to make landing pages part of your marketing strategy

  • To improve SEO & get more web visitors

Because you can create multiple landing pages, you have increased opportunities to improve your ranking in the search engines, so more prospective customers will find you.

  • To increase sales

Unlike a home page where visitors are likely to find generic messaging and encounter a range of potential distractions, landing pages take visitors straight to where they want to be. As a result, conversion rates are higher.

  • To make your marketing campaigns more effective

It’s not always easy finding a home on your website for promotional offers or marketing campaigns. Landing pages are ideal.

  • To generate more leads

Sending search traffic, email and social media leads to a home page is like sending them into a black hole. Targeted landing pages make it possible to capture valuable sales leads at a much higher rate.

3 Essential Ingredients for A Great Landing Page

Landing pages - illustration of web page

Good design has a key role to play in how a landing page performs. How it looks will be informed by your goals, your target audience, and your industry sector, but there are some crucial elements that will influence its effectiveness:

  1. An eye-catching headline

With just seconds to attract attention and draw visitors further in to your message, a powerful headline is vital.  It will need to be something that instantly acknowledges the challenge / problem / pain / opportunity they’re facing. Posing a question is a good way to grab attention.

  1. Beautiful images

Visitors are here because they’re on the verge of making a decision, so use beautiful images to help them make up their minds and take the next step!

  1. A strong, clear message

Your message should be simple and to the point, providing all the information your visitor needs to convince them to act. If you want them to make a purchase, ensure all the information they need is on the page and instil a sense of urgency. If the objective is to collect data, provide an incentive for them to share it with you, be open about what your collecting it for and what future communications they can expect from you.

  1. A Compelling Call to Action

Everything on your landing page should guide your visitor to the Call to Action. Be clear about what they need to do and make sure that doing it is as easy as possibly can be.

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