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Penman Consulting is a specialist consultancy providing a range of regulatory, technical and scientific services to companies in the chemical, petrochemical, plant protection and fine chemical industries. They provide innovative product stewardship and regulatory affairs solutions for effectively managing chemical-related information.

They wanted a website which promoted a professional, trusted image to potential clients and job candidates which clearly communicated their services and offerings and which was easy for them to update themselves without any technical knowledge.

Portfolio image for Penman Consulting
Portfolio  image for Penman Consulting

What We Did

Penman Consulting provides a wide range of specialist services and it was important to be able to clearly communicate the right message to the correct individuals.  We initially carried out a workshop with the relevant stakeholders to understand what messaging would work, who the target audience is and what a successful website might look like.  We created personas for the main audience and defined what they would be looking for on the website and what sort of user journey we could create which would result in a successful visit.  That enabled us to created a website structure.

Once these had been agreed, we started work on the design and layout of the website – creating an initial mock-up before refining it in an iterative process until all the stakeholders were happy and ready to sign off on it.

We implemented the website using WordPress which we knew would be easy to use and which we could customise to make it highly intuitive to whoever was going to be responsible for updating the site.  We also arranged for one of our photographers to visit the client site to take staff profile photos and other imagery to use throughout the website.

Subsequent to the launch, we added a specific careers section to the website to enable Penman Consulting to attract high-calibre individuals to come and work for them.  More than a simple vacancies page, we felt that we needed to tell the story of why Penman Consulting is a desirable place to be to further your career and so we created a microsite featuring in-depth information about Penman including photographs and interviews with team members.

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