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Censornet is a leading innovative cloud security provider that offers robust, consolidated solutions for businesses​ and organisations. They have over 1,500 customers globally and protect millions of users from a range of security threats.

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Portfolio  image for Censornet

What We Did

In a fast paced sector such as Cloud Security where change happens very quickly and being highly responsive is critical to success, Censornet needed a more flexible and easy to use website than their current solution.  In particular they needed to be able to quickly and easily manage their large content library and make page changes themselves.

mmd selected WordPress as the new content management system due to its ease of use out of the box, the ability to customise it and the range of functionality that can be added either by writing code or using third party modules.

There was a significant amount of existing content to be migrated as well as new content to be added, such as products, news items, press releases, white papers, case studies and events. The ability to easily manage this large and varied amount of content without impacting on website performance or ease of use was critical.

mmd created a number of custom post types, custom fields and added various taxonomies to enable the content to be easily organised and, crucially, easy to search and filter by the user.   In particular, the Insights and Articles could be easily filtered by topic or resource type with immediate results for the user enabling them to find relevant content very quickly.

The individual product pages had a large number of sections with lots of content and images which would be very difficult to manage in the standard WordPress layout, so mmd customised the page editor so that each page was broken down into easily accessible tabs.  Other content types had their own customised editor with specific fields and automatic image resizing.  This made making website changes far easier and meant that content could be rolled out using in house resource and at a far quicker pace.

The end result is a fast, content rich website that is easy for end users to use and which allows Censornet to manage their content quickly and easily.

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