Startup Funding Stages Explained!

Raising investments for your start-up can be a daunting task, regardless of what funding stage you’re at. Continued funding is crucial to the longevity of any business and is vital to growth and expansion.

Thankfully, there are tips and tricks that can aide your efforts, improving your chances of enticing investors and securing that all-important cash. From assessing your target investors, to evaluating your business, we’ve thought of it all.

Assess Your Funding Stage

How mature is your product and are you earning revenue? You’ll need to know the answers to these questions as they will dictate where you are in the funding cycle.

If you want to secure funding, it’s paramount that you demonstrate an understanding of where you’re currently placed in the funding cycle. Investors will engage with self-evaluation and reflection.

Make Clear Your Reasons for Funding

funding stages - growing your businessShow that you have an understanding of the different requirements of each funding stage. Your requested amount will need to relevant and sensible with relation to your business targets.

Make it evident to those you’re asking that you have a specific need for investment, and demonstrate you have a clear direction. Provide a clearly costed pitch that boasts a strong vision and personality.

Consider Your Targeted Investors

It’s always worth getting clued up about your potential investors.

Ensure that you’re wary of general behaviours and risk appetites of investors at different funding stages. You’ll be more informed as to the best approach and will have a clearer understanding of how your business is perceived.

Your finance needs, business milestones and current progress will all have be determining factors in the type of investors you’ll attract. Be conscious of who you’re appealing to, what you’re asking for and what’s best at each funding stage. Asking for inappropriate amounts of funding may seriously damage your chances of securing a successful deal.

Make a Request at the Right Time

funding stages - funding calculationsBefore making a pitch, recognise which aspects of your business need to grow and expand in order to move onto the next stage of your business. If timed successfully, you’ll be able to reach each long-term stage in a more sustainable manner, and you won’t run out of goods or services to offer later investors.

Timing is crucial with regards to investment requests, so make sure you’ve picked the most appropriate time.

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